31 Affordable Beauty Products From Target That’ll Feel Surprisingly Luxurious


31 Affordable Beauty Products From Target That’ll Feel Surprisingly Luxurious


From body oils to nourishing scrubs, these luxe beauty finds will elevate your beauty look sans the hefty price tag.We hope you love the products we r

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From body oils to nourishing scrubs, these luxe beauty finds will elevate your beauty look sans the hefty price tag.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


A moisturizing body oil designed to give you a spa-like massage experience in the comfort of your home. Boasting a mixture of cocoa butter and vitamin E, this baby moisturizes like the best of ’em. Mix it in your bath water or apply it directly to your skin — the choice is yours!

A bottle of body oil laid on top of seeds in a plate.


Promising review: “I put this on right after I turn the shower off, let it sit and soak. It makes my skin so soft and it smells so delicious. It helps dry skin in winter.” —Happyday

Price: $6.99


A L’Oréal wonder water treatment to transform all damaged strands into a stunning masterpiece. With lamellar technology, it claims to work in EIGHT seconds to create a smooth, silky, and shiny mane. If this is not luxury, we don’t know what is! 💖

A bottle of wonder water treatment


Promising review: “Wow! This is AMAZING. In all of my adult life, my hair has never felt better. My dry, damaged hair feels smooth, strong and healthy. I cannot believe the difference this makes.” —SheShe83

Price: $10.49


A pack of press-on nails created to serve up some serious bling with your manicure game. In a few minutes, you’ll score a salon-quality nail set without having to shell out the big bucks. This is what we call luxury on a budget! 😉

A person with curly hair, a pink fur coat and pink bedazzled nails


Promising review: “Super cute nails ! I got so many compliments asking where I got them done, and they’re SO durable too! I can’t wait to buy more of these nails soon, more affordable than at a salon!” —Liz

Price: $8.49


A tube of Black Girl Sunscreen that, per reviewers, is the queen of its kind. Not only does is protect against sun damage, its jojoba and avocado comes in major clutch to deeply penetrate and nourish skin for long-lived moisture that may get you scouted as a supermodel! ✨

A person pouring out sunscreen


Promising review: “She is THE queen of all sunscreens. This never leaves any white residue for me! You just need to rub it in for more than five seconds lol and then it makes my skin GLOW! I get so many compliments on how radiant and glowing my face looks literally just because of this sunscreen. It doesn’t smell, it’s not sticky, and you get a really good amount for the price.” —sam

Price: $15.99


A can of dry shampoo crafted to cleanse, revive, refresh, and volumize all hair types in a snap. Perfect for days when a long wash session is not in the cards, this hair-saver keeps your tresses in tip-top shape — all without the help of a stylist.

A can of dry shampoo


Promising review: “My favorite affordable dry shampoo. It works well and keeps your hair smelling fresh!” —Very Unpleasant Taste

Price: $6.69


A St. Ives body wash meant to give your mind and body a tropical reset while pampering your senses. Formulated with citrus and lemon extracts, this number washes away dirt and bacteria and leaves your shower with a glorious scent. 🍋

A bottle of body wash with cut lemons and oranges


Promising review: “I LOOOOOVE this body wash! It lathers fantastically, it cleans well, and the scent is amazing! I’ve been using other products by St. Ives for years, but this is the first time I’m using their body wash. Also again, the pink lemon and mandarin orange scent is AMAZING!” —SC

Price: $4.99


A Camille Rose growth serum that reviewers say helps your curly, straight, and wavy tresses grow like a field of weeds. Thanks to its lustrous honey, coconut, and sesame oil, it stimulates the scalp, prevents breakage, and give your strands top-of-the-line nourishment. Treat yo’ self beloved!

A bottle of hair growth serum with pink and white Christmas ornaments


Promising review: “I use this sparingly daily on my scalp. Just a little goes along way. Just massage some into your scalp and voila! I love the fragrance.” —Mia247247

Price: $15.99


A hyaluronic acid serum that’s an absolute dream for all skin types. This skin essential deeply hydrates, plumps skin, and fights against UV damage. In other words, this workhorse sets the standard for skincare luxury! 😊

A bottle of hyaluronic acid serum


Promising review: “I loved how hydrating this serum is!” —slipperymodem

Price: $5.99+ (available in two sizes)


A glass foot file to show dry skin who’s boss and put your pumice stone to shame. This pretty-in-pink polisher gently buffs and smooths away callouses and soreness that comes with being on your feet all day.

A person using a pink foot polisher


Promising review: “Wow! I had low expectations because I don’t like to be disappointed, but OMG I tried a little section of my heel straight out of the package just to see what it was like and OMG. Then, I went after a callous on my right big toe that has legit been there for at least two years — I have only been able to smooth it over with my pumice stone — this thing effortlessly beat it down so well. Seriously, shocked at how well this has worked so far. If you’re on the fence, try it.” —Anna k

Price: $8.29


A dissolving cleansing balm that’ll become your skincare partner in crime since it helps melt makeup and impurities on your skin without a greasy feel. Massage it onto skin with wet fingertips, rinse, and you’re golden! Your regular makeup remover is shaking in fear of losing its place!

A person massaging a facial balm on their skin


Promising review: “This by far is my favorite cleansing balm. It has a menthol scent that I love and does and amazing job of removing makeup. I love that it doesn’t leave a film on my eyes when I am trying to remove mascara, and I also like that it wipes clean. It leaves no greasy residue on my skin.” —marla62

Price: $7.99


A detangler hair brush for smoothing out knots, tangles, and fairy knots like butter. This tool makes the process feel like a summer breeze, leaving you with silky and shiny strands — sans the sore arms. This find makes long detangling sessions a thing of the past! 😉

A person brushing their hair with a pink brush


Promising review: “Love Love love this brush! It doesn’t pull my hair at all and my daughter has super-curly hair and it’s pretty easy to detangle her hair with this.” —Xoxox

Price: $13.99


A color-correcting cream meant to bridge the gap between makeup and skincare. Perfect for a light beauty beat, this essential provides great coverage, sun protection, and major hydration. This is what you see when you look up luxury makeup aesthetic in the dictionary.

A woman showing before and after images of her face with using CC cream


Promising review: “I love this foundation. I have been using it for a few years and always come back to it when I try other stuff.” —Cgeiger

Price: $42 (available in 12 shades)


A curling gel that’s become my go-to pick for keeping spirals in mint condition with a luxe touch. This flaxseed-rich hair-saver works to promote growth and give strands the ultimate bounce and stretch of your Instagram dreams.

A jar of curl gel


Promising review: “I love this gel. It’s so lightweight! My curls are so defined and it doesn’t shrink my hair. I only use this product when I’m doing a wash and go and it leaves my curls shiny and bouncing! There is no flakes or hard or stiff hair. I love this gel.” —Menix

Price: $6.99


A Nyx dewy face primer to help you glow like a disco ball. Infused with gold flecks and honey, this offering acts as a dewy base to help your foundation stay intact with a luminous finish that lasts well after the party is over. 🌟

A person applying primer to their skin


Promising review: “I have tried a lot of primers, and this one takes the cake. I have normal/dry skin, and used this primer before a wedding. My makeup stayed on from morning to midnight. Highly recommend!” —marydidyouknow

Price: $16.99


A Nivea moisturizing cream that’ll make you sing the skincare gods’ praises. It layers your skin from head to toe with lasting moisture and its provitamin B5 makes dryness a non-factor. Everyone, recognize luxury when you see it! 💖

A person applying lotion to their back


Promising review: “This cream has transformed my face! I went from having dry skin and big pores to dewy skin with small pores. I lather a bunch of this stuff on my face before bed and in the morning. I have now converted to Nivea products because of this and you should give it a try. It might work for you as well.” —Marisol

Price: $7.99


A set of under-eye patches for folks looking to give their peepers a glorious pop of brightness. Thanks to its radiant vitamin C and sea kelp, this small but mighty offering boosts hydration and provides lasting luminosity. ✨

A person using blue under-eye patches


Promising review: “I really like that this under eye mask actually reduces the puffiness the next few days. It does some minimal lightning on my under eye circles, but just reducing puffiness is amazing.” —Bnob

Price: $4.99


A moisturizing conditioner that checks the fancy box perfectly. Infused with plant extracts, this sensational find works overtime to replenish dry, damaged, and colored hair with intense moisture. Plus, it doubles as a co-wash to pare down your wash day routine.

A blue and white bottle of moisturizing conditioner with a mirror


Promising review: “My hard city water tangles and dries out my hair even with a filtered shower head. This is probably the best conditioner I’ve used. It detangles so easily and quickly.” —Cao

Price: $5.99


A pack of bath salts formulated to add some extra ~razzle dazzle~ to your bath time experience. Not only will you soak your cares away, this hibiscus and jasmine scented offering will make you feel and smell like the royalty you are.

A package of bath salts


Promising review: “I used these bath salts on two occasions and the scent lasts for a very long time. I love it! Just buy it.” —MommyAsia

Price: $12.19


A L’Oréal tinted moisturizer that plays absolutely no games with illumination. Featuring a blend of glycerin and shea butter, this cult-favorite instantly hydrates and provides a lit-from-within glow that the stars would envy.

A tube of tinted moisturizer


Promising review: “This leaves a beautiful satin finish on the skin when blended in with no glitter. I combine this with my concealer to brighten up my eye area. I also combine it with my moisturizer and/or foundation for a beautiful lit-from-within glow.” —Goldie

Price: $15.29


A body scrub designed to help you say ~au revoir~ to dead skin in a flash. Packed with natural shea butter and an oil blend, it helps you score soft, glow-y, hydrated skin just like a pro. Bonus: Its citrus and floral scent will make you feel like you’ve taken a trip to the tropics without leaving your shower.💖

A jar of body scrub with sliced oranges


Promising review: “I love the way this scrub makes my skin feel. I can tell how much softer my skin is as I’m putting lotion on after my shower. The scent is also amazing! It’s subtle, but very refreshing. I especially loved using this on my underarms for exfoliating.” —groutfit

Price: $8.69


A healing hair mask that packs a powerful punch. Thanks to its indulgent blend of plant-based ingredients, this rich hair-saver restores life into over-worked strands just like magic. Trust us, Ariana Grande would approve!

A set of hair mask jars in the grass


Promising review: “Loving this lately. My hair was feeling waxy, even with only occasional use of dry shampoo. One application of this and if felt soooo much better and looked great. I use it one to two times a week and it makes my hair soft and shiny.” —KA

Price: $3.59


A jade roller because no home spa night is complete without one. Crafted with exquisite jade crystal, this number smooths oils, moisturizes, and serums onto skin evenly for maximum coverage. You can also pop it in the fridge to bring on the ~cool~ factor.

a model using the jade roller on their face


Promising review: “I never understood the hype behind jade/quartz rollers, but my sister got me this as a gift and it’s become a daily part of my skincare routine. My face felt much more ‘full of life’ after using this.” —Marie

Price: $6.99


A moisturizing shampoo that’s the bees knees for textured manes. Featuring a combination of baobab and geranium oil, this Black woman-owned pick aids in moisture retention, smooths frizz, and restores curl pattern. Curly hair peeps, your prayers for comfort and luxury have been answered!

A person with braids holding a bottle of shampoo


Promising review: “It lathers so quickly and is so moisturizing. It even has some slip! The smell is so fresh and floral and relaxing. This is such an amazing shampoo.” —ProductJunkie

Price: $21.99


A hair mousse with blue agave and green tea designed with textured hair types in mind. A far cry from other picks, this Black-owned offering provides your strands with great hold, moisture, and va-va-voom Victoria’s-Secret-model volume!

A bottle of hair mousse


Promising review: “This is one of the best mousse’s I have used on my natural hair for twist or braid outs. It gives a great hold and definition. It also dries pretty fast. Definitely lives by its name.” —CJ

Price: $14.99


A mini skincare fridge that keeps oils, serums, and more on chill which makes it easy to de-puff skin and eliminate redness. Free game: Keep this under your bedside table for easy access on lazy days! 💖

A person holding a green and white mini skincare fridge

instagram.com / Via Instagram

Promising review: “I am in love with my COOL skincare fridge. The mint green color was a nice added touch. The size of the COOL is perfect to house all of my skincare items. After keeping my products refrigerated, I notice a difference in how they apply. It’s so much better that I can’t live without the COOL lol.” —Arlana F. 

Price: $44.99


A taming hair serum to introduce your hair care routine to the wonderful world of opulence. Its biotin-infused formula smooths, adds shine, and strengthens weak strands with every 👏last 👏drop👏. Best of all, it’s also suitable for color-treated manes. Jackpot!

A set of hair serum bottles


Promising review: “This makes the ends of my hair so soft and smooth. My hairdresser said I really didn’t need to cut off any hair since I had no split ends. I hope they never stop making this product.” —Babs17

Price: $11.79


A pack of gel nail strips for beauty mavens determined to add some sparkle into the mix. This sensational find is gentle on your nails, chip-resistant, and lasts up to two weeks. Plus, with no UV drying time needed, you can apply this glitzy offering and go. ✨

A person showing off a blue, sparkly manicure while holding silver confetti strips


Promising review: “Easy application! I haven’t removed them yet. No chipping or lifting. This is my first time trying these on my natural nails and I’m in love!” —Pinkypink

Price: $8.59


A lip scrubber to make a soft, kissable pout a reality. This dual-sided pick features thin and rounded bristles that exfoliates your lips to perfection with no mess. Bonus: It also stimulates blood circulation, leaving you with a fuller-looking pout. Yes folks, that’s luxury calling!

A pink and white lip scrubbing tool


Promising review: “I love this brush! It saves my hands getting covered with lip scrub and oil.” —Nickelo1980

Price: $5


A Neutrogena cream concealer that is what skincare/makeup hybrid dreams are made of. This vitamin E and peptide formula offers full coverage, brightens, and leaves skin with a radiant boost just like your favorite MUA!

A collection of concealers in different shades


Promising review: “It’s so good. I believe 100% that it’s a dupe for the expensive Nars concealer. I have normal to dry skin and this looks so good on under eyes.” —B

Price: $12.99


A detox mud mask to give your skin a dose of TLC. Formulated with activated charcoal, this creamy essential draws out impurities and absorbs excess oils seamlessly. We also dig that its manuka honey and shea butter smooths, softens, and moisturizes your canvas for a professional feel.

A tube of mud mask with chopped up pieces of charcoal


Promising review: “I absolutely love this mud mask. My skin feels and looks amazing!” —Rolo

Price: $17.99


A pineapple peel-off mask that’s said to firm, brighten, and refresh tired-looking skin faster than saying 1-2-3. Boasting a fruity scent, this number will take your mind to tropical waters as you rejuvenate and replenish your skin — all with a luxurious touch. You’re welcome. 😉

A person holding a package with a face peel-off mask


Promising review: “I normally don’t like peel off masks because I have sensitive skin, but I love this one! It pulled all of the gunk out of my face and left it soft and smooth. It dried fairly quickly and didn’t hurt when peeling off.” —Target Reviewer

Price: $2

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