To Russia with love


To Russia with love


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This week: trouble for Boris, various perspectives on crime, and flying insects you’ll actually enjoy!

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Image: Mikhail Metzel/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)


The evidence is unassailable that the animals we farm and feed off have personalities and emotions similar to our own. The astonishing waste of the farmed animal industry — and its grisly toll of animals slaughtered just to be discarded. Fatima Measham on our “love” of native fauna and colonialism. And the American meat industry — one of the most brutal industrial-scale creators of misery on the planet — is being targeted by the Biden White House for its lack of competition.


Did you see those pictures of a railroad outside Los Angeles covered in litter from the plague-like theft of parcels from Union Pacific trains? While some conservatives insisted it was all because California is too soft on criminals, others pointed out that there are lots of other factors at play — including how Union Pacific slashed its security spending to increase profits. In the wake of revelations about Joseph Ratzinger’s role in covering up child sexual abuse by German clerics, it’s time to make sure the German state polices the Catholic church properly. And can we forgive clergy who covered up abuse?

Meanwhile an attempt by the New York state government to require nursing home operators to pay staff better wages (similar to a Gillard government scheme that was axed under Abbott) is being opposed by corporations as an illegal seizure of private property — the property being their massive profits made from understaffing aged care and ripping off the elderly. Meantime, over 100,000 senior Americans are dying every year because of particulate pollution.

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