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We are seeking contributors and writers to Write For Us.

We welcome the submission of contributions by other authors/bloggers. To assist you in pitching your idea/topic we’ve prepared this writer’s manual that’s based on the most effective practices used by our competitors.

Directions – Are dedicated to offering information that is pertinent, helpful, insightful, and easy to understand. We’re also eager to receive contributions from individuals with personally-experienced experiences concerning the topic they would like to explore. Directions do not contain any reports from journalists.
Each submission must include the distinct facts and updates: examine the most recent technological or policy developments on global or regional developments; study the effects of strategies used in other areas of the globe or look at the ways that the policies of other nations could affect the world.

If you’d like to contribute to our blogs, please contact our editorial team at


and follow the guidelines and get our writing tips.

The Content – Be sure that your title is SEO-friendly, and utilize sentimental and powerful keywords. The only content we will accept is, Original. Don’t send us an article that has been previously published or is built upon an article released elsewhere. The content should not contain any advertisements and must be distinctive and precise. Also, check for any grammar errors.

The Length – A piece of post/article should be 650 words minimum but it may get published sooner if its words count reaches above 1000, while essay writings are required to be above 2200 words. A piece of writing that is around 1000 words, must include at least four images (1 for the featured image and 3 images that are included within the article’s text).

Reviews – Your article will be reviewed by one of our editors. Be prepared to answer questions and amend your piece if you are required to do so.

Fact-checking – The author’s responsibility is to verify that the information in their article, including names, titles, treaties, data, facts, etc. is correct.

Editing – We’re aware that some of the texts we receive are written by writers who aren’t native English users. English is not their primary language. Such articles if we select to publish are modified, typically multiple times. The changes proposed by the editor may be significant and may include questions regarding the structure, spelling, grammar, etc.


Topics we are interested in:

  • Automotive
  • Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing
  • Event Management and Calendar Related Themes
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Gambling
  • Health
  • “How-to’s” Related topics
  • Law
  • Real Estate
  • Sales & Productivity
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing & Strategy Planning
  • Tech/Technology
  • Travel
  • WordPress Themes, Plugins, and Tutorials
  • Working for a remote Company (Remote job)


Tips for writing

Every great topic requires an effective presentation. Provide your content with a solid form and structure, as well as the language it needs. Here are some tips to help you in writing a great piece of blog/article.

Make Points – To draw the attention of your viewers, your article should be concise and clear in the first or second paragraph. Do not leave the reader confused midway through your article as to the main point you are making. You can then present the main information in the body.
When you’re authoring a piece that is covering a wide spectrum of topics it might be beneficial to think about sections with titles. Make use of the conclusion to make your blog/article more interesting.

Language It should be clear and engaging. We’re not big supporters of long paragraphs or passive voice as well as the use of personal pronouns. If you’re looking to improve your chances of being published by us, make sure you don’t employ all of those.
In the case of writing about something conceptual, you can make use of actual or fiction-based examples to prove your arguments. This is crucial when you’re using terms that only experts in the field can understand. If you could cut down or eliminate your use of abbreviations, that is a great idea.

Begin With The Basics – A lot of people stay away from issues with cyber and digital because they believe they are too technical. Let them know they’re wrong. Demonstrate that even complex technical topics can be exciting. We’re sure that you’re knowledgeable about the subject you’re writing. However, the majority of readers may not have the same knowledge as you have.
Make sure they are capable of understanding and comprehending your ideas by describing concepts and their contexts in your piece.

Points to Remember

  • We will only allow one do-follow link per post, therefore make sure you distinguish it in your post.
  • The image size should be at least 1200px X 900px. (width x height).
  • It is recommended that you be the author of the piece and don’t include your author’s name at the end of your article, we don’t have that area.