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Are you a Healthcare Expert? Nutritionist? Doctor? Patient? Someone who is passionate about writing blog posts and articles about health and well-being? If so, we are looking forward to welcoming you to write for our site. BlogoRati accepts articles on Medicine, Health & Fitness as well as health and fitness tips such as healthy eating tips.

We welcome articles written by medical professionals and fitness writers, medical writers, and other bloggers. If you’re a person who writes quality material, SEO-optimized health articles pertinent to the medical field as well as health-related writing. No matter where you are We would like to have you write for us!

Share your draft article to the email address editor@blogorati.net. BlogoRati offers health articles that educate its readers/website users and the public. The goal of BlogoRati is to make positive changes in the lives of people by sharing information. It is also possible to join us by submitting to our guest blog posts on our website.

Guest Posting Guidelines:

  • Content must be unique, unique pertinent, well-written, and informative. Articles that have already been posted on other websites, they will not be accepted.
  • The word limit for posts should not be more than 700 words
  • Each image must be licensed, original, or in the public domain. Anything that promotes copyright infringement is rejected immediately.
  • The content should be easily readable and understandable. It must be well-written and divided into sections that have subheadings.
  • All links included in the article should lead to appropriate and high-quality websites.
  • Only original content is accepted. We will not accept any form of plagiarism.

How to Submit Your Article

We have a strict selection process for the articles we publish. Your article should be professionally written, intriguing, unique, and informative. You can submit your articles in a .txt file, or Microsoft Word Document via mail to editor@blogorati.net. If you’d like to submit your article to us for publication, you may provide us with your ideas and a pitch prior to you submitting the entire article.

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