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We are looking for people who are keen on writing. If you’d like to join the BlogoRati team you are very welcome on our website.

We will accept guest posts however we do have rigorous requirements when writers write on our behalf for us. You can include One link within each article. Please contact us to inquire about prices.

What kind of posts and Blogs can we accept?

We allow blog entries that cover a wide range of subjects. We have a variety of categories that include investigating. The categories include Cricket News and Cricket Predictions Article Football, Olympic, Casino Games, Rummy, Card Games any sports News Prediction, and we additionally accept Fantasy Games Related Article like online games, sports betting, Brand Review Article also take on Related with Fantasy sporting games.

Acceptable Writing Styles

We are open to any writing style. From common content to original and imaginative words. If you’re proficient in a variety of styles of writing, it’s highly recommended. Write about subjects that range from betting guides to tips and tricks on casino reviews, gambling, and others that are related to casinos, gambling, and betting. But, there are a few aspects to be aware of when writing.

  • Avoid using too many complicated or complex words. When you’re writing for the general population So, utilize words that can be understood by the general public.
  • Be aware of the readability. It shouldn’t be an article that people might leave. The article should have an optimal amount of information as well as an appealing design. The formatting is your responsibility.
  • Check whether the article is worthy of adding value to the discussion or is worth sharing. If it meets one of these two criteria then it’s a great article.
  • Be sure .. you create unique content that piques the interest of our readers.
  • The content must be original and meet the Copyscape test, Paid Tool.
  • Check that your Blog or Article has a minimum of 650 words.
  • Make sure to write it in a properly-structured text, including headings, numbers or highlighted lists, tables, and more.
  • Give a convincing, clear argument backed with examples, explanations, and information.
  • The article should have links to the sources of the data.
  • We value original ideas. Therefore, copy content or material related to your company product or service or something similar previously published will not be considered acceptable.
  • If your piece is included within our categories, we’ll get back to you. This could take up to two days. It is reasonable to believe that if we don’t respond within 48 hours to your request, it will not be published.
  • If your article is approved as published by us, you have the right to alter it as per our guidelines or publish it elsewhere.
  • The topics have been discussed on our blog previously. Search the site prior to making suggestions.
  • Submissions can include images that are in conjunction with the content (where it is possible). If you include images, you must include an explanation of the associated rights of the copyright and use rights.
  • The submission should contain the meta description tag. one or two sentences, up to 255 words that provide a summary of the information.
  • Include an author bio that includes details about your background as well as your expertise. This will help explain why your perspective on the subject matter is important for readers.

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Do you allow ads or sponsored posts?

Please email to discuss advertising and sponsorship.

How do I send the guest piece?

Please send an email to An editor from our team will contact you with more details and directions.