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Categories and Topics for Guest Post Articles

  • Brief information about the learning techniques
  • India History
  • Options for higher studies in foreign colleges
  • General Information
  • National Symbols of India
  • Study through technology and practical classes
  • States and Union Territories
  • Development and growth of the students
  • Better career options and progress
  • States
  • Research work and presentations
  • Geography
  • Assessments and projects
  • Art, Culture, and Heritage
  • Cultural Events
  • Notes and information regarding the academic subjects.
  • Education Policies
  • Awards & Rewards, etc.

Rules and Criteria for Guest Post Articles

There are some guidelines that you need to know prior to creating a piece for us. It is imperative to follow these guidelines or else we’ll refuse to publish your article on our website.

  • The grammar should be appropriate and shouldn’t be any grammatical mistakes. If you’re trying to write an error-free piece of writing, the ideal tool can be Grammarly Premium.
  • The content should be free from any plagiarism, meaning it should be unique from other content.
  • The blog should be according to the topic only, and there shouldn’t be any unnecessary information present on it.
  • Guest posts should be thorough according to the level of knowledge of the readers.
  • After approval of the article, the article shouldn’t be taken to any other platform.
  • Passing content with 0% plagiarized is a must so that readers can know the unique content with different experiences.
  • Article length should be minimum within the range of 600-800 words and try to choose an impressive title.
  • We have all the rights to edit the content, We also can change the title of the content to make it more SEO friendly.
  • Add at least 1 suitable image in JPEG format and should be less than 200 KB in size.
  • You can add 1-2 do-follow links if you think your content provides a piece of valuable information to its readers but the links should be genuine.

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