The Tools You Need to Heal From Substance Abuse


The Tools You Need to Heal From Substance Abuse


There are many people out there who choose to suffer from their addictions in silence, meaning dealing with some form of substance abuse is more commo

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There are many people out there who choose to suffer from their addictions in silence, meaning dealing with some form of substance abuse is more common than many people realize. Even if they choose not to suffer in silence, the fact remains that they are suffering, as addiction is classified as a disease, particularly a brain disorder as opposed to a result of simple bad decisions or a behavioral problem. If you’ve been suffering from addiction, know that you don’t have to continue struggling alone.

There are tools and resources out there to help you on your path to healing. If you want to heal from substance abuse, you have the ability to commit to the process of getting clean and creating the chance to turn your life around. In order to give yourself the best chance at recovery, you’ll have to really commit to some specific aspects of recovery. Here is a shortlist of some of what it will take to remain on the path to recovery.


One of the major steps is holding yourself accountable. Along with the understanding that you’re going to slip and struggle sometimes, holding yourself accountable for your actions in the recovery process will keep you honest and more likely to make a bigger effort to steer clear of the things that drive you to use. For example, in order to avoid the likelihood of abusing any substances, it’s very likely you’re going to avoid interacting with your dealer. Also, if you have friends who are also using you can make the choice to cut them out of your life.

If you can’t bring yourself to go that far for your friends, you can at least let them know that you’re trying to get clean. You can let them know that as you’re in a fight to get and stay clean, you can’t be around any environments or situations that trigger you to use drugs. You’ll also need to cultivate or strengthen relationships with people who can hold you accountable. Whether you join a support group, a local church, or a new environment with like-minded people, find communities that are positive and supportive of your new journey.

Professional Treatments

Breaking any bad habit is extremely hard, and it only gets harder the worse the bad habit is. As a result, it takes a good chunk of persistence and a serious level of self-discipline to deal with substance abuse. In order to give yourself a better chance to win, consider reaching out to get professional help. When you’re able to deal with professionals, you’ll receive quality substance abuse treatment in the form of different kinds of therapy, medical supervision, and people who can help keep you motivated and healthy enough to stay on track to getting clean. This can be very important, especially during detox, as medical professionals especially will make sure you’re safe and healthy throughout the detox process. You’ll also receive the tools and coping methods you’ll need in order to work through any potential temptation as it arises.

Lifestyle and Environment Changes

Oftentimes, people make bad decisions when they’re hungry, sad, tired, or lonely. In your case, you might become more tempted to relapse when you’re working through these emotions and you have yet to replace previous habits and environments with better ones. This is why it’s important to factor in your lifestyle and the environmental factors that could influence your addiction.

Simple things like getting enough water, limiting your caffeine intake, and getting enough rest can make a big difference in how you feel in your regular day-to-day. For some people, resisting the urge to scroll through social media also helps to focus on any set goals towards getting clean. Exercising helps you to release the stress that, if allowed to build up, could push you towards a moment of weakness that calls for using drugs. As you make healthier lifestyle changes, you’ll improve your chances of experiencing wholeness, healing, and wellness.

Your environment is also something you need to consider, as being around the same potential triggers will only distract and detract from your recovery efforts. If it’s possible, you may want to change where you live, hang out in your free time, and even your job if you have to. Sometimes a change in environment is simply to give yourself a fresh start, while at other times it can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to getting clean.

Give yourself grace as you take on this journey. Don’t try to look at these tools as quick fixes. Instead, recognize that these tools make up a lifestyle you’re looking to lead. Take it one day at a time. If you find yourself going down the wrong path, turn around as quickly as you can. As you use these tools and take them one day at a time, you’ll give yourself a fighting chance at breaking out of a substance abuse issue.