Support Local Artists by Visiting your Local Art Gallery


Support Local Artists by Visiting your Local Art Gallery


Going to an art gallery can be a great experience. Whether you are going to purchase a new piece or just enjoy the works of today or yesterday local a

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Art galleries are also art museums. Art museums show the important works of artists throughout history. Featured artists include, but are not limited to, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, Da Vinci, Warhol, Michelangelo, Picasso, O’Keefe, and Monet. People visit theses art museums to become inspired by the beautiful paintings and sculptures. Museums charge admission fees to pay for the restoration of the painting in their collection and to acquire more pieces.

Work displayed in museums and galleries alike are all done in many different ways. Art has evolved from simple drawings. Art can be done in the forms of photography, painting, sculpture, and even installation work. Art can be either functional, decorative, or used for self expression. Some galleries specialize in different types of art.

Contemporary art galleries show the works of current local artists. These galleries are for-profit and show works that are typically for sale. In these galleries you will see new, cutting edge work in old and new mediums that can tackle current issues. Galleries also run exhibits. Exhibits run a common theme and show works that support that theme. Try to visit many art galleries to experience different exhibits and get a feel for your favorite works.

Frequent gallery and exhibit openings to meet the artists featured in the exhibit. You can talk with them to get a better understanding of the inspirations, themes, and methods of work. Understanding the piece can give you a new appreciation for it. You can also find other places the artist is showing if you are a fan of their work.

Art galleries and museums are great ways to become inspired by the work of others. Whether you just want to appreciate the works of the great artists or see what is new an art gallery can help you achieve that. Visit your local art gallery this weekend!

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