Best Sound Box System In 2022


Best Sound Box System In 2022


MD- In this article, you can learn about the best sound box systems in the present market. Read about them and buy one in the current year.  Introduc

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MD- In this article, you can learn about the best sound box systems in the present market. Read about them and buy one in the current year. 


When it comes to buying soundbox systems, you need to be very choosy. It is because of the abundance of brands in the present market.

There can always be a chance that you purchase a multi channel home theatre sound system and find it has an issue with durability. So, to avoid this type of situation, you should always purchase premium quality commodities. 

Here, you can check out some outstanding sound boxes that are worth buying in 2022. So, go through the following list and choose one. 

Best Sound Boxes You Can Buy In 2022

Here are some of the top-notch models of sound boxes that you can purchase this year. All the units given in the article have modern features.  So, you need not worry about compatibility. For now, give a read to the following entries.

1. Sony HT- G700

Overview: The Sony HT- G700 is one of the best sound boxes for attaching smart TVs. You can not only get the stereo output from the box but it gives DTX:S and Dolby Atom quality sound too. 

Thumbs Up:

  • Both wide and tall sound output is available. 
  • Comes with HDR and HDMI applications.

Thumbs Down:

  • Low dynamics of the sound
  • Might seem to be very tall.

2. Samsung HW- Q800A

Overview: The Samsung HW- Q800A is one of the most affordable sound boxes for smart TVs. However, you can get promising sound effects from the box. You can best fit it with smart tv units more than 48 inches in breadth. 

Thumbs Up: 

  • You can always get solid sound from the box. 
  • A high-quality subwoofer and bass mechanism are present in the box.

Thumbs Down:

  • As of now, you can get a few features of the box on Samsung Smart TVs. 

3. Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 3

Overview: The B&W  Panorama 3 is one of the sound boxes that can give you a punchy tone. Like many other sound box units in this list, it also supports Dolby Atoms. Moreover, there is more chance to get a natural sound as it is one of the prominent characteristics of the Bowers & Wilkins sound commodity. 

Thumbs Up:

  • The sound box can easily adapt to the music running in it.
  • There are a lot of control options that you can choose. 

Thumbs Down:

  • Not many effects on the Dolby sound setup of this sound box.  

4. Sonos Arc

Overview: Sonos is one of the leading brands of sound commodities in the market. So, you can always rely on it besides the top-notch brands. In the case of the Sonos Arc, you can get the best quality surround sound. So, expect the room to turn into a theatre right away. Moreover, the Dolby Atom compatibility helps you to go all 3D with the sound. 

Thumbs Up:

  • The most user-friendly sound box available in the market. 
  • The surround sound output is premium in the case of the box. 
  • Both Dolby Atmos and Digital Plus are compatible with the box. 

Thumbs Down:

  • HDMI passthrough is not present in the box.
  • The box is quite tall and it needs a TV of more than 55 inches.

5. Samsung HW- Q950A

Overview: The model HW- Q950A is one of the best Samsung sound box setups available in the market. You can attach it to your smart tv or else use it as a hi-fi music system. In terms of technical features too, the unit takes a lead. 

Like its previous counterpart, this unit also comes with a 14-channel console. So, attaching woofers becomes way easier. You can consider it as a multi-channel home theatre.  In terms of sound output, you should not consider this unit as a polite one. If you desire to go rough yet soothing with the sound, the HW-Q950A can be your best friend. 

So, this goes to all the Metalheads! Grab this sound box and live free. 

Thumbs Up:

  • The movie playback sound is very powerful in this box.
  • You get Samsung’s reliability when it comes to Dolby Atom’s soundstage. 
  • The HDR10+ passthrough is present in the box.
  • Dolby Vision boosts up the quality of the box. 

Thumbs Down:

  • The high pocket pinch can be a big issue for most the customers
  • For more naturality, the sound might seem to be a bit unrefined. 

6. LG SK8 Soundbar

Overview: If you are looking for a clean and elegant rendition for your music and movie backgrounds, the SK8 Soundbar from LG can be your best choice. However, the absence of dedicated audio channels makes it impossible for the Dolby Atom set up to run on it. 

Yet another good part about this unit is its compatibility with Google Assistance. So, you can expect that listening to music would be fun. However, the 3D effect might seem to be blurry in the case of this soundbox. 

This can be the best choice of soundbox for you if you want to buy a sound commodity but save some money at the same time. 

Thumbs Up:

  • The sound unit has a stylish outlook.
  • Clear and open soundbar audio is present. 

Thumbs Down:

  • The absence of the rear channel does not give any such output.
  • The subwoofer sound is quite flat. 

Final Verdict

As per the final verdict, I can say that purchasing any unit from the list can be a positive move in 2022. It is just that, you need to be clear about your desires related to sound. Moreover, you must be firm about your budget too. 

In case your budget is flexible, you can consider taking an expensive unit. Consider it as a one-time investment and enjoy the best-quality sound.