Fun Themed Parties for Adults

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Fun Themed Parties for Adults


The right theme can be the determining factor that turns a party from average to a fun event to remember. However, it can be difficult to plan a party

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The right theme can be the determining factor that turns a party from average to a fun event to remember. However, it can be difficult to plan a party and choose a theme that guests will enjoy taking part in. You want a unique theme that goes with the occasion of the party and that will resonate with your party guests.

It’s important that your guests are as excited about the theme as you are. We’ve compiled some suggestions of fun themes to make your next shindig the party of the year. Grab your pen and paper and let’s get planning!

Adult Prom

Maybe you completely disliked your high school prom, maybe you loved it, or maybe you didn’t go at all. Whichever is true, why not have another chance at prom? Throw a prom-themed party, minus the awkward teenage years. Pick a venue with plenty of space for dancing and add twinkle lights (or a disco ball!) for your prom. Don’t forget to throw on your best cheesy prom digs and engage in some pre-prom beauty.

As a bonus, set up a photo area where you and your guests can each have your personal adult prom picture to remember the night forever. Whether you choose a specific prom theme like the classic Under the Sea or have a simple prom, the theme is sure to please even the pickiest of party-goers. Don’t forget to spike the punch!

Holiday Party

No, we’re not talking about a party for your favorite holiday. We’re talking about dressing up for your favorite holiday. For your holiday party, invite your guests to dress up as their favorite holiday, or in theme with their favorite holiday. Guests will love seeing each other as holiday-themed characters and getting to listen and dance to holiday music. Include themed foods and find decorations that represent numerous different holidays, and celebrate the whole year’s worth of holidays in one night!

Video Game-Themed

The fun thing about video games is that they appeal to almost everyone. A video game-themed party enables party-goers to really get into a mood to have fun because it’s centered around playing games! Guests can dress as their favorite video game character or as a video game system when they come to your memorable video game-themed party. Play your favorite new and classic video games and party on to a playlist to power you up! 

Ice Cream Party

Food-themed parties are always a crowd-pleaser. They’re even more fun when you get to Channel your inner child and throw an ice cream party! The primary focus of this kind of party is serving ice cream to your guests. Make sure you have fun, colorful party decorations, a tablecloth and serving dishes, and of course ice cream!

Guests can choose from a selection of ice creams and toppings to create their own concoction to enjoy or even make their own homemade ice cream. For some extra fun, you and your guests can try unusual ice cream flavors together or play ice cream-centered games, like guessing the flavor. Happy tasting!


This theme may sound simple, but it is definitely not boring. With a color-themed party, you choose a color and plan the entire party around that specific color. Decorations, party attire, and food can all be centered around one color. For example, if you chose purple, you could have purple balloons and streamers, purple frosted cupcakes, and dress in purple head to toe. If that’s too much (or too little) for your party planning needs, choose black, white, or go with primary colors. 

Vacation Theme

Can’t make it to your favorite destination? Do the next best thing and throw a vacation-themed party! Get in vacation mode by dressing in a classic tourist uniform, complete with sunglasses, backpack, and camera. Take a tropical vacation, a city vacation, and an international trip all from the comfort of your own home or at your venue.

You can choose to do multiple location themes with your decorations, food, and music, or go with a general vacation theme and let your guests interpret the theme with their attire. For easier planning, have your guests bring the beverage or food dish inspired by their favorite travel destination to party potluck-style. Instead of traveling around the world in 80 days, you can do it in one night!

We know that party planning takes time, and sometimes choosing the theme can be even more difficult than the planning itself. If it’s your turn to host the next party, we hope you’re now inspired to plan the themed party of the year that your guests will talk about for ages.

Make sure your guests are clear about what the theme entails, especially if the theme requires a certain dress code. No one wants to show up to a themed party not dressed in theme! Whichever fun and unique theme you decide on next, we’re confident that your party will be a winner with your guests.