Essential Clothing Items That Every Man Should Own

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Essential Clothing Items That Every Man Should Own


Men's fashion is a wonderful place and it is something that we all adore. When it comes to fashion, there are many weird and wonderful styles. However

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Men’s fashion is a wonderful place and it is something that we all adore. When it comes to fashion, there are many weird and wonderful styles. However, there are also many essential pieces that a man needs in his wardrobe for those extra casual days. Here are some fashion pieces that every man should own and have in their wardrobe. 

Collection Of White T-shirts

White t-shirts are an item that we already expect you to own however, do you have multiple versions? Probably not. There are many variations of a white t-shirt. Some are oversized and others are muscle-fit. 

Some are branded and others are unbranded. Others are just a plain tee and others are a graphic tee. There are many out there to wear and a lot of them look great with whatever you are wearing. We suggest that you own multiple versions of a white t-shirt as there is a lot that you can do with them. Not to mention that they are relatively cheap if you are purchasing unbranded white tees. 

Grey Sweatshirt

Every man needs a grey sweatshirt because it is so versatile and it goes with blue denim jeans as well as black. Furthermore, it is a great piece to add to your outfit when the temperature is colder than usual. A grey sweatshirt is very casual but it is still an essential piece that you need to have in your wardrobe. There are many brands out there that have their variation of a sweatshirt so make sure that you browse around to see which suits you best. 

White Shirts

Again, just like the white t-shirts, there are many variations of a white shirt. Additionally, this particular shirt is going to be for those dressy occasions. They are likely to be worn at formal events, the type of events where you would wear your finest vintage jewellery pieces. We suggest that you own a plain white oxford shirt for those occasions. 

For a smart-casual style, purchase a white shirt with a pattern or brand. For those occasions where you will be wearing a suit and tie, buy a cuffed shirt. These three shirts are all a must-have in your wardrobe. 

Slim-Fit Jeans

Back to the more casual look, a pair of jeans can go with anything. We suggest that you own multiple pairs of these as you will be wearing these throughout the week. Moreover, they are easy to style. We suggest that you own a black pair, a dark blue denim pair, and a light blue denim pair. That way, you are covering all bases. They don’t need to be slim-fit either. They can be any fit you like. That is the perk of jeans. 

Grey Joggers

For an even more casual style, a pair of joggers are perfect for those days when you will be lounging around. You know which days I mean. The type of Sundays where you are sitting on the sofa all day, watching your favorite television series, dreading that early getting up for work the next day. Additionally, joggers are the type of clothing you just throw on when you are going to your local shop. If you want a dressier style of joggers, we suggest cargo pants and many colors look great with these. 

White Trainers

White trainers are the easy go-to pair of footwear that can go with any outfit. They are great for both a casual look and a smart-casual outfit. If you are looking to keep your outfit basic and stylish, white trainers are the perfect footwear for that. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands of white trainers out there that are all slightly different. You can either wear the typical white tennis shoe or wear a more high-top version of a white trainer. If you want them to be branded then you are in look with that as there are hundreds of trainer brands out there that design white trainers.  


There are many more essential pieces that a man should have in their wardrobe when it comes to fashion. For example, a navy and grey suit is something else that you need for those formal events. You also need a selection of jackets such as Harrington and denim jackets as well as a blazer. Hopefully, this guide has helped you level up your style and find the perfect pieces that you need to own in 2022.