How to Become an Insurance Claim Adjuster in No Time Flat


How to Become an Insurance Claim Adjuster in No Time Flat


The world can be an unpredictable place. Whether you are talking about natural disasters, life changes, or even changes in your career, it is importan

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The world can be an unpredictable place. Whether you are talking about natural disasters, life changes, or even changes in your career, it is important to always be protected. In the world of insurance, adjusting can do just that. Everyone needs insurance to cover life’s little expectations.

A great insurance claim adjuster can be your best friend in times of need. Many claim adjusters start their careers because they love to help people. There is no greater reward than standing by someone in their hour of need. Becoming an insurance claim adjuster is a relatively easy process that leads to an incredibly rewarding career.

Is Insurance Claim Adjusting Right for You?

The first step when entering any career is to determine whether or not you are right for the job, and that the job is right for you. As with any field, being an insurance claim adjuster requires a certain skill set. You must be a resident in the state where you are planning to work, hold a valid driver’s license and be at least 18 years old.

Adjusters must also be self-disciplined, have an excellent work ethic, pay attention to detail, and have fantastic verbal and written communication skills. Claim adjusters are always in demand and the job can be quite challenging during times of catastrophe such as hurricanes or other weather events.

What Type of Insurance Appeals to You?

Once you have determined if you have the skills necessary to succeed, you then need to decide what type of insurance claims you’d like to process. Employment can range from staff personnel who work primarily in an office, independent agents who contract for one or more firms and handle a variety of claims, or catastrophe adjusters. Catastrophe adjusters can be either staff or independent and will generally travel quite a bit to the hardest-hit areas.

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Claim Adjusters and Licensures

Regardless of the type of claim adjuster you choose to become, you will need a license or certificate to work. First, check with your state’s licensing procedures to determine what you would need. Some states require coursework, while others simply require you to work for an insurance agency.

As an acting claims adjuster, you will want to also apply for reciprocal licenses. This way you can broaden your work area and include other states. This is especially beneficial if you work near a state line or a smaller state. It can also help if you are a catastrophe claims adjuster and provide you more opportunities to work in a variety of locations.

Essential Skills

As with any field, there is a technical side to claims adjusting. Many insurance firms use Xactimate software. There is online training available for this software and it will teach you everything you need to know to get to work quickly. It’s also a good idea to obtain your State Farm Certification as soon as possible.

These certifications provide invaluable training and the ability to work for just about any firm. As they are in high demand, they are hard to come by, so the sooner you jump on that, the better.

Once you have followed these simple steps, you are well on your way to landing your first job. So dust off that resume, add your claims adjustment training to it, and send it out to your area insurance firms.

Don’t forget that the world of insurance adjustment is always changing, so make sure you use your tools like the Total Adjuster Package offered by Xactimate to stay up to date on all things insurance. There is no job more rewarding than helping people as a certified claims adjuster.