Many Benefits Studying London


Many Benefits Studying London


Did you know that London is the most preferred international study destination for students across the globe? Over 100,000 international students

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Did you know that London is the most preferred international study destination for students across the globe? Over 100,000 international students from across 200 countries have made this city their home! There are several distinguished universities here, including Reading University, which can be accessed easily from Reading studio apartments. The decision to study in a different country could involve several considerations. However, if you have the ability and the resources, London could prove to be the top choice. Some of the benefits associated with studying in this glorious city have been discussed here.

London Houses Some of the Top Places to Study

If you have selected Reading University as your choice of option, choosing to stay at one of the Reading studio apartments like Rainbows Lodge would help. You could reside here till you explore your university and shift to your permanent accommodation option. And once you are here, you can also check out the Green Park Reading and Oracle Business Park. The place is also near Oracle shopping center where you can head for a quick retail therapy. Besides, several of the best universities in the world like Oxford and Cambridge are also located here. In fact, 4 of the world’s top 40 universities are located here.

Let’s Talk about Facilities

When you check into studio apartments near Reading station for checking out your choice of university, the following facilities will also be yours:

  • London provides outstanding academic support to students. Over 120 different libraries house over 150 million books. This includes the very illustrious British Library as well. Three million fresh titles are added to the British Library stock every year.
  • The cultural offering of London is also ideal for students seeking a culturally enriched study experience. You can find over 1,000 galleries and museums in London. And the best part is that most of them are actually free.
  • London universities offer close to 30,000 courses including business, engineering, law, marketing, zoology, politics, medicine, accounting, and more. So, the choice offered is huge.
  • The public transport system of London is extremely well developed. You can enjoy traveling by public buses, tubes and so on. Cost-effective travel is easily available for students here.
  • Student life is also about fun and merriment! London houses over 100 theatres where you can enjoy the latest movies and shows. And there are over 100 parks for basking in the British sunshine. You can head to 350 venues for live music shows by the latest brands.
  • What’s more! There are over 5000 restaurants serving different kinds of food. And you also have 7000 pubs and bars where you can eat, drink and be merry.

If you feel like earning a little extra even as you pursue your course, part-time work is extremely easy to come by when you are in London. You can study, work, have fun, and have a complete experience of enjoying life in a foreign land, with a purpose behind it all! And of course, your near and dear ones can visit you too. Cost-effective accommodation at places like Reading studio apartments is always on offer. The Reading Hospital is also close by!