How Productivity of Business Improve By Digital Asset Management?


How Productivity of Business Improve By Digital Asset Management?


DAM (Digital asset management) is not the only key holder of digital assets in the central platform but it also helps in expanding the productivity of

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DAM (Digital asset management) is not the only key holder of digital assets in the central platform but it also helps in expanding the productivity of business and efficiency of team members. No matter if the organization firm is too big or small; a DAM system can boost the efficiency of their business.

DAM saves time, energy, and money for your organization and helps you in boosting productivity and employee working efficiency. There are many ways in which digital asset management can perform its tool for better productivity and deliver efficient results.

What is Digital Asset Management?

DAM is a central platform that carries all the digital assets of your organization. DAM system provides facilities for storing, managing, creating, and searching for digital assets. Through this system all kinds of digital data like; images, video, audios, and digital files are securely stored with authentication and double-security processes. Digital asset management system analytics can help in creating new content by integrating itself with your existed workflow process.

DAM is the source of digital assets, and it makes the storing (managing) of data easy on its central platform so users can access the data whenever they need it. With granted permission, particular data can be accessed by a particular user only.

Quality content is a strong differentiator for the market. It can help businesses resonate with consumers, reinforce their brand perception, and eventually increase revenues. Organizations that aim to speed up their innovative workflows are gradually looking to DAM solutions to store, organize, and manage their content.

A DAM system streamlines and regulates the content lifecycle, from development to storage, as the ultimate source of authority for marketing assets. And in support of larger business objectives, it provides process efficiencies that allow organizations to expand their efficiency.

Key Features of Digital Asset Management System


Here are the lists of basic and key features of a DAM system for your business.

  • Organizing: The DAM system acts as an easy-to-access library where it collects all your business data digitally and stored in a central location in a well-organized way.
  • Searching: Searching would be the most highlighting feature of a DAM system. It allows your business assets to be easily discoverable. A DAM system comes with a concise category structure for storing data that makes the easy-to-access library ‘browseable’ in a stress-free way.
  • Downloading: Apart from allowing your employees to access those stored business data in a centralized location, a DAM system allows employees to download the digital assets easily. Also, it gives the option to download the asset in exact file format and in the same resolution.
  • Sharing: When it comes to running a successful business, data sharing is inevitable among the employees and in-between employees and management. A DAM system allows you to share the stored digital assets in 3 ways email, Lightboxes, and brand portals.
  • Version Control and History: A DAM system comes with the feature of saving and tracking the previous versions of the stored data. This allows the admin to roll back to the previous state of the data in case any wrong changes happen.  
  • Access Control: The access control feature of a DAM system makes it different from other storage systems. DAM allows you to create a user group and assign them specific rights like uploading, deleting, downloading, sharing, and so.  

7 Ways to Boost Business and Employee Productivity Using DAM:

  1. The continuous flow of communication:

Clear-cut communication is directly related to increasing productivity. DAM lets its users give feedback and leave comments on assets when they are being created or being modified. When insights are shared continuously without any delay, the working members of that asset will be updated, and that will make the working efficiency.

Poor communication, without DAM, could lead to employee disengagement, payroll inefficiency, and many more, as the communication barrier is there.

  1. Visibility into project status:

DAM provides the facility for tracking project status; if cloud DAM is implemented then the project status could be checked from anywhere. It cuts the long procedure of emailing your colleagues and asking them about the project status, thus it saves time.

When the visual of project status is available through the Digital asset management, the efficiency of team members and ultimately business does grow rapidly, because each concerned member can access the status with DAM.

  1. Assets never get lost:

The key function of the DAM is to store digital assets in the central platform. When assets are stored in the DAM, they could be easily found when needed. Employees or team members do not have to spend hours finding those assets and at one click, they can find the desired file.

Although multiple files are saved, the DAM can find a particular file in no time. Quickly files can be found so team members can focus on other core activities and their efficiency will increase which will help the business in expanding productivity. When the asset is stored in one single central platform with security, the chances of it getting lost are never possible.

  1. Re-use and Sharing:

DAM helps in using the stored asset and in creating new assets at ease. The marketing team usually needs to reuse the stored asset for branding purposes, the store images, audios, and clips can be re-used by modifying them. The expense of creative marketing can be saved by a DAM system.

A DAM system also helps in sharing the content whenever it is created to all the team members. A shared asset can get feedback and a loop of content will never be an issue anymore.

  1. Eliminates review and Editorial process:

Many companies have to go through the long and tiresome procedure of review and editorial process. The result of the process might not be the one which you had expected. After spending several bucks on the process you do not want the results to be different than expected.

A DAM system can store all the data in one place, every user of the team has access to it so whenever any changes are done based on the suggestion of team members; everyone will be notified by the Digital asset management system. This update of changes to everyone will eliminate the review process.

  1. No labour interruption:

If the project is going on, it may require some permission at times for modifications till it gets completed. Why wait for green signals for work when you can continue working with better efficiency with the DAM system?

A DAM system enables all the superior and all team members to access the ongoing project, so if any modification needed to be done, through DAM and clear communication, the message could be passed on easily. So the working member does not have to wait for hours or days for approval or suggestion.

  1. Faster completion of the project:

When the projects are being completed without interruptions and with help of clear communication, they will naturally get completed before time. Faster completion of projects can help the team in doing more projects if needed or in doing other important activities related to business.

With DAM labor interruption and editorial process are eliminated and clear communication helps in faster completion of the project. Without DAM, projects will take more time than ideally, they should be taking. DAM’s visual project tracking tool can also boost the project completion time.

Can Digital Asset Management System Be Handy During a Pandemic?

The year 2020, would be the most unforgettable year for many all because of the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. Still, in 2021, the pandemic situation is prevailing and employees around the globe are asked to work from their homes. Well, working from home would never be an easy task for many, several factors. Among those organizing, managing, and distributing business data about employees is the main concern for many organizations around the world.

The Digital Asset Management system assists organizations and employees in this crunching pandemic situation. DAM creates an efficient and easy communication channel along with setting a centralized location from which business data is managed easily and distributed through various channels.

In addition, mature Digital Asset Management allows an organization to track and measure the business process easily in a pandemic situation.


DAM helps in increasing the productivity of a business and the working efficiency of team members. Directly or indirectly DAM is absolutely necessary for business productivity and one inevitably depends on it. Faster communication, faster completion of project, minimal labor interruption, eliminating review process, visibility of project status, and in using- sharing content (data)- through all these ways the productivity of the business can be increased.

With DAM working efficiency of team members also increased, which in the end helps in increasing the productivity of the business. Employee engagement is related to employee empowerment, when employees are trusted with secure Digital asset management Development and with the power of using DAM, employee engagement will also increase. Hire Dam Developer for Employee engagement increases the efficiency of work and productivity of the business.