10 Low Budget destinations worth a visit


10 Low Budget destinations worth a visit


An affordable holiday is a challenge, especially in the global financial crisis. However, the economic situation turned some of the most expensive get

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An affordable holiday is a challenge, especially in the global financial crisis. However, the economic situation turned some of the most expensive get-away domiciles into cheap travel destinations. Below is a list of cost-efficient holiday spots around the world; some of them are really surprising.


Thailand is the top favorite affordable tourist destination and the most suitable holiday location for westerners. Idyllic beaches, rice fields, and Thai hospitality make this country into a genuine target for visitors. Enjoy exotic foods and comfortable accommodations at extremely low prices. The best time for a holiday in Thailand is in the spring between April and May.


Malaysia is a smart choice for people who want to experience a unique holiday and save money at the same time. Malaysia is a country full of vibrant life and culture, and all this can be discovered without spending too much. Malaysia’s cuisine and entertainment are easy on the wallet; therefore, this destination is among the world’s best to visit from June to August.

South Africa

South Africa is a country on the move, but it currently scores with inexpensive hotel rates. The energetic city of Johannesburg and the Kruger National Park are the main attractions of the country. An exciting safari is not only a memorable event but a reasonably priced adventure, as well. It is recommended to arrange travel anytime between September and May, as there is nearly no rainfall in these months.


Bulgaria, the land on the coast of the Black Sea is an affordable alternative to the classic Mediterranean holiday. The seaside resorts of Bulgaria are a paradise for children and adults alike. The shallow waters and striking golden beaches, as well as recently built playgrounds and children’s clubs can be enjoyed at amazingly low prices. Bulgaria is an ideal location to travel to during the entire summer season.


After the turbulence in Mumbai, the hotel prices in India sank dramatically despite the fact this country was already a cheap get-away before. India, is a land filled with wisdom and spirituality, where money lasts as good as forever. Mountains, ocean shores, bazaars, and temples; a journey to the country of fascinating contrasts should be planned for October through March.


Iceland is the perfect holiday destination for those who dream of discovering a magical and mysterious land. The prices for accommodation and tour guides have fallen significantly for Iceland travelers. One can explore volcanoes, and ice capes and bathe in hot springs for nearly no expense at all. The months from June until late August make a terrific opportunity to see this original and unspoiled country.


All travelers who want to connect to nature and culture are in the right place in Mexico. Discover the variety of scenic and cultural highlights in this Latin American country. Beautiful sandy beaches and historic evidence of the Aztecs are just some of the many attractions in Mexico including great scuba diving. Lodging, food and drink, and souvenirs are extremely competitive due to the low-currency rate of the Mexican Peso. Mexico makes a great holiday spot from November until April.


For many African fans, Kenya is the most popular tourist destination in East Africa. One can spend a safari tour and subsequently unwind at the stunning ocean shores of Kenya; in this land, one can combine many interests. Kenya, a country for adventure-hungry travelers, has recovered from previous riots and holiday prices have remained low. The best months to make a holiday in Kenya are from January to early March and from July to September.


Hungary is due to the significant devaluation of its currency once again among the top travel destinations. Foods, beverages, clothing, and accommodations are incredibly cheap, so one can take a relaxing holiday without feeling guilty. On the banks of Balaton Lake are numerous affordable holiday resorts. There are also low-priced, but excellent, restaurants, bars, discos, and nightclubs. Hungary is a journey worth, particularly between May and September.


Turkey is a country of contrasts and contradictions, as it lies on two continents. Not only this dichotomy but, above all, the fact that one can afford an extended stay in Turkey, makes this country a desired tourist location. This holiday destination has magnificent sights to show. For example, the traces of ancient Turkey are still visible. As for the economic development of Turkey; tourism has flourished in recent years. On the Middle and Black Sea coasts are many places that specialize in guests and offer outstanding services at reduced prices. Planning a trip to Turkey is best between May and September.